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CFP: Ecocinema and its Audiences

2012 March 29
by smonani

Special issue of /Interactions: Studies in Communications and Culture/
(published by Intellect UK)
Edited by Pietari Kääpä (University of Helsinki)
Ecocinema is rapidly emerging as a key field in contemporary film studies.
Books, conferences and articles are frequently devoted to the topic which is
receiving increasing global scholarly attention. While writers have published
work on specific national cinemas (the US and China in particular) and on
modes of industrial production (new media; animation), much work remains to
be done to ensure the dynamic development of the field and its ability to
consolidate itself as a new vital paradigm in film studies.
One such area is the study of audiences. Media scholars have conducted
important studies of audience reception of specific films (/The Day After
Tomorrow/ in particular) in specific viewing contexts. Others have focused on
reception studies in a metacritical vein, assessing the ways cinematic
ecological and environmental messages are debated and adopted in wider media
discourse. But in comparison to ideological textual analysis of films or work
on the material footprint of film production and distribution, audience
studies are notably lagging behind.
‘Ecocinema and its audiences’ proposes to be the first of its kind as a
collection of critical perspectives discussing the ways audiences adapt,
assimilate, critique, reject and discuss ecological and environmental
messages in cinema. This collection is open to approaches undertaking
pedagogical, political, culturalist, cognitive, philosophical, scientific or
virtual studies of film culture (and their inevitable overlap). We encourage
submissions in any of the following areas (and welcome suggestions in

* Transnational audiences
* Green networks and ecocinema blogs
* Festival audiences (especially Ecocinema Festival etc.)
* Fan community discussion of ecological aspects in The Lord of the Rings,
Star Wars etc.
* Environmental education and film
* The uses of ecocinema in schools
* Cinematic representations of activist groups and their reception
* Critical reception of mainstream ecocinema
* Local or regional audiences
* Community engagement
* Uses of film by environmental justice movements
* Propaganda and its audiences
* Greenwashing and the anti-environmentalist agenda
* Political uses of ecocinema (ie. the mobilization of films as tools for
social critique)
* Ecocinema’s influence on policy decisions

Please contact Dr. Pietari Kääpä ( [1]) to discuss
your submission. Paper proposals of 250 words and professional academic
bibliography are to be sent to the above address by 30th May2012.
‘Ecocinema and its audiences’ emphasises original peer reviewed research
on audiences. Considering the resources and time this takes, we are
requesting final paper submissions by February 2013.


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