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A Green Story

2013 May 23
by Shared by Steve Rust

Writer/director Nick Agiashvili’s independent film A Green Story opens this weekend in specialty (aka arthouse) theaters.  From the trailer it’s obvious that the film is part inspirational biopic and part extended commercial for Earth Friendly Products, which makes Ecos laundry detergent and other green-friendly cleaning supplies.  It’s a story that works on multiple levels; the subject, Earth Friendly founder Van Vlahakis, is an immigrant who works his way from rags to riches while battling corporate baddies and cancer to make a better life for his family, community, and planet.  Let the ecocritical unpacking begin.


Van Vlahakis left Greece five decades ago with 22 dollars in his pocket. He arrived in the US hoping for a better future for him and his family. Eftichios – as is his Greek name- not only managed to live the American dream for himself, but also created Earth Friendly Products, a US giant for environmentally friendly cleaning products. His story is not only about transforming his life but also the lives of the ones around him as the owner and CEO of Earth Friendly Products.

The story centers on the modern day Vlahakis (played by Ed O’Ross), who is diagnosed with cancer and given only few months to live. During this time, he reflects on his early life as an immigrant (played by George Finn) during the 1950’s and ultimately decides to push himself to the limit by closing one final business deal that will concretize his company’s success, even if it means taking on a large corporation that is trying to take over his company.

Here’s an excerpt from Deadline Hollywood’s coverage of the film:

“After seeing the film we realized how timely the topic was – a film about a pioneer and visionary in green living and how it relates to everyone as Climate Change and Green Living become front and center in the world going forward,” said Randolph Kret from Indican. “The core audience for the film ranges from Greeks who will relate to the themes of community, family and the immigrants dream and to anyone who is learning or becoming a part of the Green Community and how to live a better, safer life in these exciting times of technological invention as we (the world) figure out how to reverse and fix the problems our planet has created through fossil fuels and short cuts.”



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