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CFP for Society for Literature, Science, and the Arts Annual Conference

2014 April 9
by Shared by Steve Rust

Call for Papers:


28th Annual Conference for the
Society for Literature, Science, and the Arts
October 9-12, 2014
Dallas, Texas

The concept of fluid in the arts, sciences, and humanities evokes multiple, overlapping definitions that work across and around the edges of disciplinary boundaries. Fluid can describe the property of flow, particles that move freely among themselves and that form and deform under pressure. It can refer to liquids both bodily and cultural, for example, blood and capital. It evokes anything that is not solid, fixed, or stable.

For this year’s conference, we encourage presentations, papers, and artworks that explore fluid as a word, idea, and process applied to borderlands, canvases (and other media in other art forms), philosophical indeterminacies, or dynamic systems, to offer a few suggestions. This is a deliberately expansive topic intended to appeal to a broad range of work in fields, including

  • bioarts
  • critical media theory
  • bioethics
  • medical humanities
  • new frontiers in digital media
  • animal studies
  • liminal studies
  • environmentalism and ecological studies
  • science and critical race studies
  • the history and philosophy of science
  • gender and/in science studies
  • rhetoric

This list is suggestive, not exhaustive. Other topics falling within the boundaries of SLSA work will also be welcome.

Abstracts of 150-250 words are due by April 30. Panel proposals must include full contact information for all panelists.
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