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Bolivia’s new “Law of Mother Earth”

2011 April 13
by ahageman

Check out this link to a story about Bolivia ready to pass a new law called “Law of Mother Earth.” One more way Evo Morales and the left Latin American people and governments are cutting edge. Sure, I’m skeptical, but I’m also keen to see these experiments play out alongside Morales’ and Chavez’s experiments in democracy…

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  1. srust permalink*
    April 14, 2011

    A very relevant post. I’ve been waiting for Icíar Bollaín’s film EVEN THE RAIN to be released on DVD. A friend from Spain told me about the film at SCMS. The movie is set in and around Cochabamba, Bolivia’s third-largest city, and according to a Times reviewer, makes “makes pertinent, if heavy-handed, comparisons between European imperialism five centuries ago and modern globalization. In particular it portrays high-end filming on location in poor countries as an offshoot of colonial exploitation.”

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