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Cinemascope’s CFP: The Landscape of Revolt

2011 May 16
by smonani

Please send your proposals to
Deadline for proposals: June 12, 2011
Notice of acceptance of proposals by Cinemascope: June 20, 2011
Reception of articles: July 20, 2011
Max length of articles: max 5000 words
Abstract: 150 words
Language: English

In his fundamental text titled “Montage 1937”, Sergej Eisenstein proposes the distinction between what he defines “depiction” and “image” drawing from an example of mise-encadre, a shot depicting a barricade: “if a grouping of objects aims to depict a barricade, then their disposition should be such as that their overall contours indicate an intrinsic, generalised image of what a barricade implies: struggle”. In other words, according to Eisenstein the sum of all the compositional elements of the barricade should be read as an image of struggle, i.e. as a generalized image of the inner content of
what is depicted. In the case of the barricade, in order to ensure the transition from the object depicted to the essence of the object, the things usually put on the top – for instance the
bakery sign – will be turned upside down. Such famous example is absolutely fitting to begin a
reflexion on how movies propose an image of the revolt:struggles, revolutions, rebellions, social disorders, furnished many times an extraordinary narrative repertoire and a gaze
inside the problems of our society. In its next issue Cinemascope wants to examine the cinematic representation of the revolt, with its political, social and human consequences.

Considering the multiple nuances of revolts projected on the screen, we welcome contributions that seek to deal with the subversion of the power structures, with the role of urban spaces and the impact on the human level (the transformation of thoughts and emotions, of actions and bodies). For a more complete cfp, please contact

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