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CFP: EcoMusicologies 2012

2012 January 31
by smonani

30-31 October 2012, New Orleans
Pre-Conference (Live & Virtual) to the AMS/SEM/SMT 2012 Joint Annual Meeting

The AMS Ecocriticism Study Group and the SEM Ecomusicology Special Interest Group invite submissions on research from any academic field related to any issues of and around ecomusicology (ecocritical / ecological / environmental studies of music and/or sound), which is broadly construed as the dynamic relationships between culture, music/sound, and  nature/environment, in all the complexities of those terms. (For more on ecomusicology, consult the information and resources at

Papers accepted for the conference will be considered for publication in a volume of essays currently being prepared under the working title “Ecomusicology: A Field Guide,” edited by Aaron S. Allen (University of North Carolina at Greensboro, USA) and Kevin Dawe (University of Leeds, UK).  This volume will present the diversity of ecomusicological work in the field by including various disciplinary approaches from, e.g., history, literature, ethnography, anthropology, and ecology.

The conference will be held in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA, on the uptown campus of Tulane University on 30-31 October, which is immediately prior to the Joint Annual Meeting of AMS, SEM, and SMT in downtown New Orleans.  (The historic St. Charles Streetcar connects the two locations.)  Between Ecomusicologies 2012 and AMS/SEM/SMT, on Wednesday 31 October, there will be options to attend the SEM pre-conference on “Crisis and Creativity,” and/or to participate in local outings that explore New Orleans’s rich cultural histories and natural settings.

The conference organizers plan to include electronic communications to allow for virtual involvement. If you would like to participate in the conference either as a presenter or attendee but cannot be in — or for environmental reasons prefer not to travel to — New Orleans, you will have the option to deliver your work and/or see and hear the presentations of others via the Internet.

Scholars from any academic field are invited to submit proposals for presentation in a variety of formats, including:
* panels (3 to 6 participants, 30-90 minutes),
* papers (10, 20, or 30 minutes),
* posters (electronic or paper formats), and
* alternative formats (performances, films, etc.).
Submissions will be accepted until 16 April 2012, acceptances will be sent by 28 May 2012, a preliminary program will be posted by 30 July 2012, and discounted pre-registration will end 17 September 2012 (dates are tentative and subject to change after subsequent coordination with AMS/SEM/SMT).

An author may submit multiple proposals (within reason), e.g. proposing the same research to be presented as a paper or a poster, or proposing entirely separate topics. All submissions must conform to the following guidelines:

1) Deadline: The submission of a two-page PDF (as described below) must be sent via email to BOTH sem.ecomusicology.sig [at] AND ams.esg [at] by 11:59:59pm GMT on 16 April 2012.

2) Submission: The submission email must include a 2-page PDF as an attachment (no other format will be accepted): on the first page, include title, author name(s), affiliation(s) and contact information (for one corresponding author if there are multiple authors), and brief biographical information (for each author); on the second page, include title & format, abstract, and rationale as described below.  Do not include any author identifying information on page 2 because the abstracts will be reviewed blindly.

3) Title & Format: For ALL submissions, on page 2 include a title (50 words maximum) and indication of format (e.g. panel; paper of 10-, 20- or 30-minutes; poster; or type of alternative format).

4) Abstract: Follow the guidelines below that are appropriate to the chosen format.
* For panels of 3-6 participants (30-90 minutes): 250-word (maximum) abstract justifying the formation of the panel as a whole, plus 250-word (maximum) abstracts that summarize the argument/aims, methods, findings, etc. for each of the contributions.
* For papers of 10 or 20 minutes and posters: 250-word (maximum) abstract, summarizing argument/aims, methods, findings, etc.
* For papers of 30 minutes: 250-(minimum) to 500-word (maximum) abstract, summarizing argument/aims, methods, findings, etc.
* For alternative formats: 250-word (maximum) abstract, summarizing argument/aims, methods, findings, etc., and indicating the alternative format (performance, film, etc.).

5) Rationale: For ALL submissions: 250-word (maximum) rationale for participation in the conference; this section provides, first, an opportunity for further explanations and, second, some necessary administrative information.  First, this section provides more space to elaborate on any unusual disciplinary background or on any other features that may not be immediately obvious in the abstract, or to explain and justify the alternative format.  Not all submissions may necessitate such elaboration. Second, all submissions must include here a) an indication of whether or not publication in the edited volume is desired, b) if virtual participation may be desired or necessary, and c) 2-5 keywords that best describe the orientation and content of the submission.

While submissions to Ecomusicologies 2012 may be the same as submissions to the AMS/SEM/SMT Meeting, they should not be presented at both; thus, if a submission is accepted for both Ecomusicologies 2012 and AMS/SEM/SMT, then the author is encouraged to withdraw from the former and present only at the later (in such an event, the submission may still be considered for publication in the “Field Guide”).

Address any questions to: sem.ecomusicology.sig [at] and/or ams.esg [at]  Conference program and further updates will be posted at

Program Committee:
Aaron S. Allen (University of  North Carolina at Greensboro, USA)
William Bares (University of  North Carolina at Asheville, USA)
Kevin Dawe (University of Leeds, UK)
Annette Kreutziger-Herr (University of Music and Dance Cologne, Germany)
Michael MacDonald (University of Alberta, Canada)
Jennifer C. Post (New Zealand School of Music, Victoria University, Wellington)
Robin Ryan (Independent Scholar, Western Australia)
Juha Torvinen (University of Turku, Finland)
Denise Von Glahn (Florida State University, USA)

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