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The Environmental Humanities via filmmaker/video artist Peter Norrman and collaborators

2012 April 12
by smonani

This one just made the rounds on the ASLE sites and I thought it was worth a share as it captures both a sense of visual media and of the role of the humanities in environmental discourse.

NIES/SIGTUNA from peternorrmanstudio on Vimeo.

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  1. srust permalink*
    April 15, 2012

    According to Gallup, “About half of Americans, 52%, say the effects of global warming have already begun to happen, consistent with views since 2009. However, this remains down from prior years, when as many as 61% believed global warming was already manifesting itself.” Well now that enough time has passed I see how to transition my dissertation into a book project because there is a need to make my case for the particular period of 2004-09 as a point when the US nearly reached a tipping point in addressing climate change.

    Ecocritics need to be careful not to focus so desperately on the negatives. There are a few instances of that on this video, but they are relatively few in number.

    Overall, this project is very engaging. Now that the lingo of Environmental Humanities has finally surfaced to draw folks together I think we’re in for very exciting change over the next few years.

    Link to the latest Gallup #s

  2. salma permalink
    April 16, 2012

    Steve, it’ll be interesting to see how public opinion swings if the current inclement weather in the midwest and unseasonably warm temperatures in the east continue. Hot summers seem to generate more concern than mild winters.

    For those who wonder about climate and weather relationships, I’ve always found this website useful:

  3. May 7, 2012

    Hi Steve and Salma

    What I think is interesting and thanks for posting this great video (which I will share in my humanities dept and ecoart networks), is that there is so much attention on climate change per se, when I think a better position would be to look at all the planetary thresholds, tipping points, we have crossed or are near to crossing. Climate change is the result and just one aspect of the ecocidal aspect of the anthropocene. Just an observation.

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