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ASLE-Juneau performance workshop abstract

2012 June 27
by smonani

Bronwyn Preece shares her ASLE abstract:

How do we collectively, aesthetically, conceptually, poetically and expressively interact and interpret this changing northern space and place?  How do we embody the North as we experience and relate to ‘it’/our enveloping ‘surroundings’?
Experientially, through the arts of poetry, drama, and storytelling, we will work outdoors and embody and express this flux-uating place.  Creatively approaching our inter-act-ions through an embodied lens of expressive engagement, the workshop will include partner, small and whole group work.
Beginning with exploring the ‘land/building-organic/less-organic outdoorscape’ through touch, sound and smell, we will awaken ourselves to new ways of being in this space and place, in a spontaneous dance of awareness between memory and presence.
Place, Change, Space and Climate are a continuously evolving relationship of perception and projection between the inextricable layers of our sensing bodies…the interaction and confluence of our somatic experience with that of our larger social body, and our even larger earth or Gaian body.  ‘Embodying This Changing Place’ roots itself in the web of this interconnection.
The breathing, sensing body draws its sustenance and its very substance from the soils, plants and elements that surround it; it continually contributes itself, in turn, to the air, to the composting earth, to the nourishment of insects and oak trees and squirrels, ceaselessly spreading out of itself as well as breathing the world into itself, so that it is very difficult to discern, at any moment, precisely where the living body begins and where it ends.[1]
                                                                                    ~ David Abram
            ‘Embodying This Changing Place’ is open to everyone…and absolutely no previous experience in or with the arts is required!

[1] Abram, David.  The Spell of the Sensuous.  (1996). Vintage Books: New York. Pg. 47.
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