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Itineration-New Journal in Rhetoric, Media, and Culture

2012 October 5
by smonani

Here’s a bit to whet your appetite for the new journal:

“With a serious commitment to collaboration across disparate fields but also within the field of
rhetoric and a heightened curiosity regarding para-academic interpretations of rhetoric, Itineration is especially interested in new work that explores the intersections of rhetoric, media, and culture through such approaches as speculative realism, phenomenology, feminist theory, mysticism, object-oriented ontology, agential realism, affect theory, materialism, posthumanism, biopolitics, bioethics, queer theory,  psychoanalysis, assemblage theory, cosmopolitanism, vitalism, new media theory, hauntology, mythology, actor-network theory, panpsychism, media archaeology, paranormalism, biologism, and other developing systems of thought. Our belief, that life itself is expressive, discursive, and inherently rhetorical, is imbued with a resonance through the itinerate practice of investigative, affirmative movement. This road is open to all and we are all free to meet and collide with one another, forming strange friendships and meeting familiar strangers, all forged in itinerate travel.”

For more check the website: Cross-Disciplinary Studies in Rhetoric, Media, and Culture

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