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CFP: Panel on Asian Ecocinema and Media for SCMS 2014

2013 July 20
by Shared by Steve Rust

Asian Eco-cinema & media: Human, Animals, Environment and Beyond”, SCMS 2014 (March 19-23, Seattle)

With a growing awareness of global environmental issues, and an attempt to address the growing interest in films and media in relation to various ecocritical theories, this panel invites papers that fall within the study of media and films in Asia in relation to ecological and environmental issues. It seeks to expand the field of ecocinema/ecomedia studies towards a broader coverage in Asian contexts.

From the fictional depictions of Asian environmental crises (e.g. The Impossible, Bhopal: A Prayer for Rain), documentaries of environments shaped by urban developments and post-disaster reconstructions (e.g. Still Life, 3.11 Surviving Japan), artistic representations of human, nature and wilderness (The Mourning Forest, Uncle Bonmee Who Can Recall His Past Lives), to social media coverage of pollution problems in Asian cities, ecological and environmental issues in Asia have increasingly been exposed to the outside world through fictional films, documentaries and various forms of media.

Possible themes may include, but not limited to:
– Specific environmental issues in Asia
– Concepts of Nature, cities and the environment in Asia
– Defining ecomedia/ ecocinema/ eco-film criticism
– Asian eco-philosophical thoughts in films (e.g. Buddhism, Confucianism, Daoism, Shintoism, etc.)
– Eco-materialism/ New Materialisms in film/media
– Green movements and social media in Asia
– Animal studies, animality, ecojustice
– Waste, toxicity, refuse and pollutions
– Climatic changes, natural disasters in film
– Limitations of media and film in ecocriticism/ green studies
– Other related topics

The Society of Media and Cinema Studies (SCMS) 2014 Conference will take place March 19-23 at the Sheraton Seattle Hotel. You are invited to submit a 300 word abstract, a brief bio, or any question to Kiu-wai Chu at

Deadline for proposal submission is
August 4, 2013. For further information about the conference please refer to the following link:

Kiu-wai Chu
Comparative Literature, University of Hong Kong,


Kiu-wai Chu
Department of Comparative Literature,
University of Hong Kong,
Hong Kong


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