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Eco Film Festival Underway in Taipei

2013 September 26
by Shared by Steve Rust


The 2013 Eco Film Festival got underway Sept. 24 in Taipei City, spotlighting ROC government efforts to raise public awareness of Taiwan’s ecological diversity and promote environmental conservation.

Organized by the Council of Agriculture, the festival features 30 locally made documentaries spanning an array of subjects such as aquatic ecology, animal habitats, forest ecosystems and wild species. A total of 17 were made under the auspices of COA and nine are newly released.

“The films incorporate the long-term observations of their directors and document Taiwan’s special landscapes and rich biodiversity, as well as the commitment of locals to environmental protection,” said Lee Tao-sheng, director-general of the COA Forestry Bureau, at the festival’s opening ceremony.

“Such works are precious and we hope they help audiences better understand Taiwan’s ecosystem and encourage them to participate in related conservation work.”

Also attending the launch were COA Deputy Minister Chen Wen-te, nine documentary directors and members of the academic, business and publishing sectors.

“Taiwan has a diversified ecosystem, with more than 46,000 species of flora and fauna. But part is being affected by economic development, which is why the Forestry Bureau started supporting the production of related documentaries,” Chen said.

According to Lee, each documentary demonstrates the filmmaker’s affection for Taiwan and will touch the hearts of viewers.

An outstanding example is the opening film “Beemania: Bees and Wasps of Taiwan,” an unprecedented production capturing the lives of these insects in Taiwan. Sponsored by the COA, the documentary was shot over two years by director Lee Wei-jie.

“We hope the film helps viewers better understand the diversity of bee species and their behaviors, as well as exploring the role human beings play in balancing the ecosystem,” the director said.

The festival, which runs until Nov. 30, offers 1,200 screenings at COA district offices and 57 other venues in 19 cities and counties nationwide. (RC-JSM)

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