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Platform Breathe

2013 December 13
by Shared by Steve Rust

As a Hulu subscriber, I have noticed for a while now that internet tv, unlike broadcast tv, does not typically run public service ads.  That situation is finally starting to change, at least on Hulu, thanks to Platform Breathe, a nonprofit based in NY City. Platform Breathe was started in 2007 by Andy Jennison, Kenny Pedini and Michael Schwartz. The goal is to give back to both the community and film and television industry through public service advertising.

Platform Breath’s current campaign – “Now” – features ads on clean energy, food deserts, litter, child advocacy, and community involvement. All of the ads encourage immediate action to address social and environmental issues. Some of the ads have been critiqued for being a bit over the top, but for now I’m just happy to know they’ve broken into a market that is otherwise bereft of public service ads. At least these are coming from the ground up rather than the top down.

Here’s a sample:

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