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Mother Jones Expose on Animal Planet

2014 January 22
by Shared by Steve Rust

Hot on the heals of The Hollywood Reporter‘s recent investigation into reports of animal cruelty in the motion picture industry, Mother Jones has just published a detailed expose on the Animal Planet show Call of the Wildman. The reality show, which regularly pulls in more than one million viewers, follows the adventures of Kentucky woodsman Ernie Brown, Jr., nicknamed “The Turtleman,” and his animal removal business. The show claims that Brown catches animals unharmed and releases them back into the wild. According to MJ reporter James West, however, the show is highly staged, and has even feature animals that are pre-trapped nd even drugged to allow Brown to appear to come in and save the day. Animal Planet stands behind the show and claims they make every effort to respect the rights of animals.

The full article is linked above. Here is the short video that accompanies the article.

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