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Media and Environment at SCMS 2014

2014 March 19
by Shared by Steve Rust
The 2014 Society for Cinema and Media Studies conference kicks off tomorrow in Seattle, WA. In addition to multiple panels and papers on ecological issues, the inaugural meeting of the Media and Environment Special Interest Group will be held.
Thanks to newly elected co-chairs Hunter Vaughan and Janet Walker for putting together the following information of interest.
Inaugural Media and Environment Interest Group Meeting
Saturday, March 22nd from 5-6pm in the Ballard room of the conference venue.
SCMS New Member Orientation/Networking Session
Where our SIG will have a table on Thursday, March 20th, 11am to 12:45pm, Cirrus Room, Pike Street Tower. Kindly help spread the word about this chance
for new SCMS members to learn about our SIG among others.
Co-sponsored Event: Nontheatrical and Media and Environment SIGs
Pacific Wonders: Nontheatrical Films from the Northwest
Thursday, March 20th 2014, 9:00pm Northwest Film Forum, 1515 12th Avenue
Free to the first 50 persons; then $6 for members
From the vaults of the Oregon Historical Society and the University of Washington, a selection of orphan film from the Pacific NW. Shown in conjunction with the Northwest Film Forum, the program will feature films on architecture, design, and the environment in the Pacific Northwest.



Sponsored Panels

Ecocinema, Ecocriticism
Chair: Joshua Lund (University of Pittsburgh)
Beyond Human Worlds: East Asian Religion, Spirituality, and Ecology in Contemporary Film
Chair: Kiu-wai Chu (University of Hong Kong)
Respondent: Adrian Ivakhiv (University of Vermont)
Chair: Thomas Pringle (McGill University)
Community and Catastrophe in Contemporary European Cinema and Beyond
Chair: Patrick Reagan (Yale University)
Fossil, Renewable, Futuristic: Energy in the Movies
Chair: Ila Tyagi (Yale University)
Green Media Studies: Integrating Environmental and Media Studies in the Classroom and Beyond
Chair: Hunter Vaughan (Oakland University)
Media and Sustainability
Chair: Nicole Starosielski (New York University)
Co-Chair: Janet Walker (University of California, Santa Barbara)
Film and Philosophy: Renewing the Humanities
Chair: Sam B. Girgus (Vanderbilt University)
Co-Chair: Kristin Hole (Stony Brook University/SUNY)
Mission Statement of the Media and Environment Scholarly Interest Group
The Media and the Environment Scholarly Interest Group aims to provide a forum for shared discussion of research and pedagogy at the intersections of media and environment. We believe that nearly every aspect of film and media practice and studies⎯from materials manufacturing and physical infrastructures, to filming locations and resources, to audiovisual aspects and themes, and beyond to marketing, preservation, obsolescence, and also scholarly discourse⎯touches matters of the environment and sustainability. How can we further film and media studies as a global⎯read planetary⎯concern, focused on dire changes and issues affecting the Earth, humans, animals, and our natural surroundings? We believe our field has much to contribute to discussions and findings more frequently held in and attributed to science disciplines and Environmental Studies. With this Scholarly Interest Group, we seek to cultivate the study of significant matters of media and the environment within our field and through the representative collective that is SCMS.
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