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EcoArtTech Interview by ArtSlant

2014 June 9
by Shared by Steve Rust

Those who enjoyed the previous post on this blog about EcoArtTech may enjoy this recent interview with founders Leila Christine Nadir and Cary Peppermint with the online magazine ArtSlant.

Here’s a link to the full article and an excerpt:

“AC [Interviewer Alicia Chester]: So there is no nature, and what we think of [as nature] is an ideal of nature.

CP [Cary]: Nature is a construction, just like gender.

LN [Leila]: That’s why we work with that idea of a wild, pristine nature with irony. If what looks like nature isn’t even nature, let’s just treat the city streets like nature, because it would actually help the environment more to do that––because then we may pay attention to flushing our toilets, where our trash is going, how much carbon emissions our houses are creating––rather than leaving the “real” nature, the myth of nature, to protect these wild, mountainous spaces, which needs to be done…but my point is, wilderness and nature are myths… The entire planet has been built, and rebuilt, and un-built, and built again. You can even go into the idea that we’re disembodied when we’re interacting with online spaces––we’re not. We’re still in a body. Our body is still doing something, even if it’s sedentary––that’s embodied. We are living what we’re doing online. Even if we think that, somehow, because we’re not physically moving, it’s disembodied, it’s not. It’s assuming there’s a mind-body distinction that does not exist.


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