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CFP: Understanding Vulnerability, Building Resilience

2015 March 22
by Shared by Steve Rust

BOOK TITLE: “Understanding Vulnerability, Building Resilience: Responses to Disasters and Climate Change”

EDITORS: Mich̬le L. Companion, Associate Professor of Sociology University of Colorado РColorado Springs Miriam S. Chaiken, Professor of Anthropology New Mexico State University

TYPE: Edited Volume

PROPOSAL TO BE SUBMITTED TO CRC Press, Taylor and Francis Group

VOLUME ABSTRACT: As the global climate shifts, communities are faced with a myriad of mitigation and adaptation challenges. These challenges highlight the political, cultural, economic, social, and physical vulnerability of communities, groups, and individuals. However, these challenges can also demonstrate their resilience. Research in the fields of hazard management, humanitarian response, food security programming, agricultural development, and gender-equity programming have sought to understand the factors that create vulnerability, and strategies to enhance resilience in individuals, families, and communities. This volume will bring together case studies from communities around the globe, indigenous populations, and developing countries that illustrate programming that internalizes these dyadic concepts of resilience and vulnerability. Specifically, the volume will examine programs that have helped reduce risks brought on by political instability, climate change, natural disasters, chronic food insecurity, inequality, and other problems that cause human suffering. Our goal is to both foster a richer understanding of the variations in vulnerability, and to derive lessons on fostering resilience that can be employed on a broader scale. Documenting the best practices for building resilience will be a major focus of the book.

We are seeking interdisciplinary abstract submissions for a peer-reviewed manuscript. Nutritionists, sociologists, anthropologists, economists, policy makers, disaster managers, community leaders, indigenous community organizations, and others are invited to submit abstracts. The volume will be submitted to CRC, part of the Taylor and Francis Group, for publication consideration. This proposal has been requested by an acquiring editor. We will accept abstracts as well as full papers for this stage of the process.

FULL LENGTH PAPERS SHOULD BE LIMITED TO 5,000 WORDS. Inclusion of graphs and photos are welcome and encouraged. However, please account for these in your paper length. One half-page graph or photo is the equivalent of 250 words.

This is volume has an international focus. We welcome submissions focusing on all nations.


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