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Book CFP: ‘The Midwestern Moment’

2015 May 27
by Shared by Steve Rust

CFP for interdisciplinary collection of essays on Midwestern Regionalism. HC Press is a brand-new regionally themed academic press. Our first titles were released this spring and our web site will become active this summer. Please let me know if you have questions:

Hastings College Press welcomes proposals for chapters for an edited volume focused on Midwestern regionalism during the first half of the twentieth century. The volume is tentatively entitled “The Midwestern Moment: Essays in Early-Twentieth Century Midwestern Regionalism.” Midwestern regionalism includes writers, artists, publishers, intellectuals, architects, journalists, filmmakers, magazines, journals, institutions, films, etc. Subjects may include but are not limited to

• Midwestern regionalism as a movement to highlight work that was produced in the Midwest and focused on the Midwest as a counter to the cultural dominance of the coasts, especially Boston and New York City
• Individuals or institutions that purposely sought to encourage or counter the theory that Midwestern intellectuals and writers “revolted” from their Midwestern villages
• Representations of the Midwest in popular culture or by non-Midwesterners
• Rejection or confirmation of the Midwest as the agricultural Heartland
• Controversies about the definition or geographical boundaries of the Midwest
• Midwestern ecologies

Proposals should be roughly 300 words, briefly explain the significance of the subject chosen and sources available, and be sent to Patricia Oman at The editor of the volume will be Jon K. Lauck. All proposals are due by August 1, 2015. If a proposal is accepted, the resulting chapter, not exceeding 6,000 words (including notes), shall be due June 1, 2016.

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