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2015 Conference on Communication and Environment

2015 June 5
by Shared by Steve Rust

Next week in Boulder, CO, the 2015 Conference on Communication and Environment will kick off. If you’ll be in the area you can still register on site to attend the conference, which runs June 11-14. Just click on the conference link for more information.

This year’s conference theme reflects the setting of the conference near the geographical Great Divide. Conference presenters will consider divides within the landscape of environmental and sustainability communication, and how those divides might be bridged:

Presenters will discuss such divides as those between:

  • environmental communication theory AND practice
  • scholars AND practitioners of environmental communication
  • differing theories of change in environmental communication
  • different environmental discourses
  • advocacy intentions AND policy outcomes
  • the many disciplines, arts and sciences that inform the field
  • environmental attitudes AND behaviours
  • aspirations for public participation AND actual opportunities
  • media watchdogs AND media lapdogs
  • environmental science knowledge AND actual public understanding
  • cultures that see, experience, and value the world differently from each other
  • communities facing environmental conflicts
  • media representations AND environmental literacy
  • different environmental, social, and cultural values
  • differing political alternatives to address environmental issues

From a quick glance at the conference abstracts, it look like a great number of panels and presenters will focus on media texts and contexts, including photography, documentary film, and web-based communication.

A talented range of keynote speakers have been invited to present: Heather Ackroyd & Dan Harvey, Hunter Lovins, Susanne Moser, and Edward Maibach. For complete information click on this keynote speakers link.


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