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New Book! Sustainable Media, edited by Nicole Starosielski and Janet Walker

2016 February 9
by Shared by Steve Rust

Sustainable Media explores the many ways that media and environment are intertwined from the exploitation of natural and human resources during media production to the installation and disposal of media in the landscape; from people’s engagement with environmental issues in film, television, and digital media to the mediating properties of ecologies themselves. Edited by Nicole Starosielski and Janet Walker, the assembled chapters expose how the social and representational practices of media culture are necessarily caught up with technologies, infrastructures, and environments.Through in-depth analyses of media theories, practices, and objects including cell phone towers, ecologically-themed video games, Geiger counters for registering radiation, and sound waves traveling through the ocean, contributors question the sustainability of the media we build, exchange, and inhabit and chart emerging alternatives for media ecologies.



Janet Walker and Nicole Starosielski, Introduction: Sustainable Media

Part One: Resource Media

1. Hunter Vaughan, 500,000 Kilowatts of Stardust: An Eco-Materialist Reframing of Singin’ in the Rain

2. Nicole Starosielski, Pipeline Ecologies: Rural Entanglements of Fiber-Optic Cables

3. Shane Brennan, Making Data Sustainable: Backup Culture and Risk Perception

4. Colin Milburn, “Ain’t No Way Offa This Train:” Final Fantasy VII and the Pwning of Environmental Crisis

Part Two: Social Ecologies, Mediating Environments

5. Rahul Mukherjee, Mediating Infrastructures: (Im)Mobile Toxicity and Cell Antenna Publics

6. Minori Ishida, The Lack of Media: The Invisible Domain post 3.11

7. John Shiga, Ping and the Material Meanings of Ocean Sound

8. Amy Rust, “Going the Distance:” Steadicam’s Ecological Aesthetic

Part Three: (Un)sustainable Materialities

9. Sean Cubitt, Ecologies of Fabrication

10. Jennifer Gabrys, Re-thingifying the Internet of Things

11. Jussi Parikka, So-called Nature: Friedrich Kittler and Ecological Media Materialism

Part Four: Scaling, Modeling, Coupling

12. Alenda Y. Chang, Think Microscopically, Act Galactically? The Science of Scale in Video Games

13. Bishnupriya Ghosh, Toward Symbiosis: Human-viral Futures in the “Molecular Movies”

14. Erica Robles-Anderson and Max Liboiron, Coupling Complexity: Ecology, Cybernetics, and Non-Representational Modes of Environmental Action

15. Peter Krapp, The Invisible Axis: From Polar Media to Planetary Networks

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