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Farewell and Thank You

2016 April 11
by Shared by Steve Rust

After due consideration about the future of the field of Ecomedia Studies, Salma Monani and I (who co-founded this website in 2009), have decided that it is time to close down and to focus our attention on other ways of promoting the study of Media and Environment.  The site will remain up through the end of April so that we have time to archive the extensive bibliography, syllabi, and key posts that folks have shared with us over the years.

For those of you who have allowed us to share your work on this site and/or followed the site over the years we offer our sincere and heartfelt thanks.  There is no denying that together we have fulfilled our original mission statement of facilitating interdisciplinary and innovative approaches to the study of non-print media as it applies to environmental discourse and action.

As the primary moderator of the site over the past seven years, I have watched our field grow from a small collection of individuals spread out across the globe to a thriving international field of study that has quickly moved into the mainstream of Cinema and Media Studies and is poised to become even more prominent in the coming years as more and more scholars, artists, and activists collaborate on projects that demonstrate just how important it has become to explore, analyze, and interrogate the connections between media and environmental issues in a wired and warming world.

Salma and I will continue to work within the Association for the Study of Literature and Environment with our many wonderful colleagues in the Ecomedia interest group, within the Society for Cinema and Media Studies with our many wonderful colleagues in the Media and Environment interest group, and with the other organizations and institutions doing work in this field.

We hope that you will continue to be an active participant on the Ecomedia Facebook page. You are also welcome to contact me personally at should you wish to stay in touch about your own work or become involved with the ASLE Ecomedia Scholarly Interest Group.

As they say in the movies, so long and thanks for all the fish.

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